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How to avoid the ‘pink hair’ trend

Here’s how to avoid pink hair toners, the newest trend on the internet.The trend of toning your hair pink in a few days is something that’s popping up on Instagram and Facebook.A lot of users are using this method to get the color they want without the pain and irritation that can come from regular

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Which is better for the body?

The answer, it turns out, depends on your age and whether you are an active male or female.For those who have just started, the study found that a moderate amount of exercise can boost testosterone levels by as much as 8%, and that moderate exercise is particularly beneficial for men, who tend to be older

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How does a good shampoo work?

This is a detailed guide to the science behind the shampoo you’ve probably heard so many times.It is based on some of the most advanced and widely-used scientific research into how shampoo works and how it behaves.We’ve put together this article to help you understand how shampoo does its job, what it does to your

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How to add extra glow to your skin

Here’s how to add some extra shine to your dark skin.1.Choose your primer, light or dark.For this tutorial, I’m using my favorite Light Skin Tone primer and I’m going to cover how to apply it.Light skin tone primer is great for a variety of skin types and ages.It’s made up of a blend of ingredients

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T11 toners are the way to go for recycling

T11 cartridges have been on the upswing lately.The T11, which is a solid-state cartridge with a very low melting point, has been making waves.That trend started a few years ago, when T-Mobile started using them to recycle their phones.It has been growing steadily since then, and T-Mobiles now uses them to get their phones into

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