Two Tone Walls are ‘The Best Way to Control Dark Circles’


A new study by researchers from Ireland’s National Institute of Health has found two-tone walls may actually help light skin tones.

The research was conducted by Dr. Annette McCool and colleagues from the National Institute for Health Research.

The team analysed data from the national census of skin tone from the first quarter of 2016 and found that people with darker skin tones were twice as likely to have a darker tinted skin tone.

Researchers then applied two-toned paint onto the skin and found a significant improvement in the skin tone of dark skinned individuals.

“This was shown to be a consequence of using a two-tinted paint and that it reduced the dark tint on the skin,” McCool told The Irish Sun.

“So we can see that it has the potential to be an alternative to regular bleaching products, which can be harmful.”

She said that while two-tones have been used in cosmetic products for years, this was the first study to look at the effect of two- tone walls.

“It is interesting that we can get two- tones that are similar in terms of lightening effect, and yet have different effects on the dark skin tone,” McCul said.

McCool said the two- Tone Walls have been approved by the Food Standards Agency and the Australian Cosmetic and Toilet Products Council.

“They’re designed for skin with a dark tint,” she said.

“We don’t have the right to put one on your face without the other and you need to test it yourself to make sure it works for you.”

Two-tone wall creamThe researchers said there was evidence that the two tones have a different effect on the human body and were able to achieve the same results.

“The study shows that the effects of two tones on skin are similar and do not vary in intensity,” McCol said.

“They do have a slight difference in the strength of their effect but they are very similar to bleaching agents, and therefore are effective.”

The research also found that skin lightening was beneficial for people with lighter skin tones and people with fair skin.

“There is evidence that using a high-purity two- toned paint can improve the dark-skinned individuals’ skin tone and make them more able to control their skin tones,” she explained.

“These results are important as the darker skin tone is a very sensitive area and it can cause a lot of irritation and the use of a high purity paint can help prevent that.”

If you do have fair skin, then a high quality two- and three-tone cream is an effective way to control your dark tone.

“Researchers say the results show two-tiered products can have beneficial effects for dark skin and fair skin people.”

Our results show that the application of two tinted paint products to skin can lead to a decrease in dark tone and enhance the skin of darker skinned people,” Dr McCool said.

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