When China’s ‘plant tones’ sound like a foreign accent

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New Scientist magazine,Volume 36 Issue 6, pp. 675-682, October 2017 title Chinese tones sound like foreign accents article In China, Chinese is a foreign language.

This is true even though the country is a former imperial power and its official language is Cantonese.

Chinese is also spoken in many other parts of the world, from Australia to the United States.

Chinese tones are usually spoken as “shanghui” or “shanshui” in Chinese.

A shanghu is a small or weak person who is spoken with a high voice, while a shanshu is someone who has a much higher voice.

This makes them sound like the voice of a foreigner.

They are a type of Chinese accent, meaning a small accent, such as a “shangyou” (lazy person), “tongwen” (dishonest person), or “baoqi” (foreigner).

A tonal accent, or tones, is a very strong tone that is used to emphasize a phrase or word, or to convey a sense of depth, like “tungshan” or the Chinese characters for “thousand”.

In fact, a tonal tone is a Chinese-sounding accent, and it sounds more like a Mandarin accent than a foreign one.

Mandarin sounds are spoken in the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates, but they are not the same as the tones used in China.

Mandarin tones are very different from the tones you might hear in other languages.

Mandarin, or Cantonesian, sounds have a distinctive tone.

They have a higher pitch than a normal tone, and the difference is so pronounced that they can be heard in movies and television.

For example, in the video game Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the sounds of the monsters and other sounds are very distinct, and they are sometimes called “bamboo”, “turtle”, or “moth” sounds.

These are not all the sounds you would hear in a Mandarin tone.

A tone can also be made more complex, as in the tone of “chong” (southern Chinese), which sounds like a Chinese “pitch” or tone.

If you are unfamiliar with Chinese tones, they are often spoken in a low, flat, and nasally tone, or in a tone that has a “bong” sound.

The tone of the “bongs” sound is actually a Chinese accent.

You may hear “tongs” sounds in English when you talk to someone who is not native to China, or “yung” (shoes) sounds in many English accents, but these are not Mandarin tones.

In Mandarin tones, the pitch of the tones is not constant but varies in the range of 5 to 10 semitones.

This can make them sound different from English accents and Mandarin tones when they are combined, but it is not a problem when you hear them individually.

Mandarin tone sounds can also vary from the tone that you hear in the spoken language.

You might hear a different tone when you speak to someone in Mandarin than when you do in English.

When you hear the tone “changyang” (a “bark” sound), you can hear that you are speaking to someone from outside the country, and that the tone is very low.

Mandarin accents are not usually spoken in English, but when they do, they can sound very different to what you would expect.

A lot of Chinese people say they prefer to say “yuan”, or the Mandarin pronunciation of “yun” (capital “y”).

When they say “yang” or simply “yang”, they mean “people” or people who live in the same village.

They also use the pronoun “yue”, which is often used in Mandarin to refer to children.

This pronoun is also used in English to refer specifically to Chinese children.

When they hear a Mandarin phrase, they may often hear a tone with a “jian” (or “jie”), or sometimes a “liao” (slang for “jig”).

A tone called “jiao” is a sound that sounds like the sound of a door opening or a door closing.

This tone can sound different than what you might expect, and this difference can be a very distinctive tone that distinguishes Chinese from English tones.

Mandarin is spoken in some parts of China, especially in the northern provinces of Hunan, Heilongjiang, and Gansu.

The people who speak Chinese are called shanzhai.

The word shan means “people”, and jie means “door”.

This is because in Chinese, shan refers to people and ji means door.

In English, jie is used as a noun, so when people say “door” or in Mandarin, it means “house” or someone living in the house.

The name shan is a nickname for the country’s dominant ethnic group

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