‘This is what it feels like to play hockey’: Coyotes captain Jonathan Huberdeau on why he’s not getting the MVP award


When Jonathan Hubertdeau’s teammates were called up for their first NHL games on Sunday, the Coyotes captain said he was excited about seeing them.

He wasn’t going to be on the ice with them.

“I’m not going to sit here and try and put on a jersey and say, ‘Hey, guys, I’m the guy that scored the winning goal in the game against the Kings.’

That’s not what I’m about.

I’m just trying to play the game,” Huberfeau said.

Huberden was the Coyotes’ first game-winner since Jan. 23.

He scored the overtime winner against the Florida Panthers and assisted on the game-winning goal against the New Jersey Devils.

The Coyotes went on to win 4-3.

Hubert is the first player in franchise history to score four goals in the first two games of the season, becoming the first to do so since Alex Ovechkin and Ilya Bryzgalov did it in the 2007-08 season.

“You know, it’s just kind of a little bit of a strange feeling.

I don’t know.

I mean, it was a really tough game to come back from.

It’s not a big game.

You know, they scored the first goal and I scored the second goal,” Hubert said.

He was in a good spot in the third period, but he wasn’t scoring because he didn’t want to miss time.

“That’s just the way it is, you know?

It’s hard to score.

It was a little weird to see some of the guys who played on the power play getting the start and not having a shot on goal.

I think that was a good thing,” Huibden said.

The only other player in NHL history to reach four goals against in the same game was Jaromir Jagr, who did it against the Buffalo Sabres on Feb. 4, 1978.

Jagr scored the game winner against Montreal, then went on a 15-game scoring streak that included six goals in three consecutive games.

Huiberdeau said he had to learn how to play better on defense.

“It’s a different style.

I know it’s hard, but I have to learn it.

I just have to keep working hard and keep practicing,” Huiberdae said.

Coyotes captain Wayne Simmonds is leading the team with nine points in his last 10 games.

Simmonds had 13 points in 11 games before suffering a broken leg on Jan. 14 against the Washington Capitals.

Simonds was skating Monday.

The team is now 0-7-1.

Simms said he expects to play Sunday against the Minnesota Wild.

The Arizona Coyotes are 6-5-1 at home.

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