How to Get Your Next Look in This Essential Black Eye Shadow Palette


You’re a pretty cool guy, right?

Or at least, you think so.

But what if your skin tone is a bit different than the rest of the world?

You’re in luck!

With the right foundation, your eye looks and feels different from the rest. 

What is the difference between a “black” eye and a “blue” eye?

When looking at a photo of a black eye, it will usually look red in color.

This means the eyes are a little darker, and therefore, the eyes have a blue tint to them. 

A blue eye is a darker, less intense shade of blue. 

The color of a blue eye can vary from shade to shade, and depending on the age of your eye and the type of color the eye is, it may also change between light and dark shades. 

This is not to say that a blue eyes are always red, or that a darker shade of red will always make for a blue or purple eye. 

So what does the “blue tint” mean?

A lot, actually. 

If you have a very dark eye, like mine, the darker the color of the eye, the more blue the color is.

If you have light-medium or light-dark eyes, the blue tint is a little lighter. 

When looking at photos of eyes, if you see the blue of the pupil, it’s often associated with light or blue eyes. 

But that’s not all! 

When you look at a black and white photo of an eye, you’re not just looking at the pupil of the eyes.

You’re also seeing the iris, which are the parts of the eyeball that actually line the eye.

 That’s why you can see a black eyelid with a red pupil. 

There are many types of irises that are associated with different shades of blue or black.

Some are called “yellow irises”, which are often associated primarily with darker shades of brown.

Others are called, “green irises”. 

When a person’s irises are yellow, they usually are associated in the eye with a more intense shade (orange or red) than a lighter shade (light brown). 

Some people have yellow irises as a side effect of having a lighter, less severe shade of brown in their eye.

For example, a person with a brown eye may have a yellow iris as a result of having brown irises in their eyes.

If you’re having a blue- or purple-eye, your irises may also be associated with a darker blue color in the irises. 

These colors can be found in natural light, but they’re also sometimes associated with darker colors in the skin tone of your eyes.

A dark, intense blue color is a great color to use as a contrast to darker, more intense blue colors.

Here’s a sample of a few natural light blue irises: Here’s an example of a dark blue iris:  So how do you get a blue tone?

You need a foundation that matches your eye color and skin tone.

If your skin is dark brown, you’ll want a foundation with light pigmentation, or a light foundation that has a medium or dark shade of pigment in it.

If it’s lighter in the pigmentation department, you may want to use a lighter foundation. 

How do you build up the color in your eye?

There are a few ways to build up your blue tone.

The easiest way is to use natural light foundation.

Natural light is when the sun hits your face when you’re in the shade of your natural skin color.

That means when the shade is natural, you have natural light on your face and you don’t need to worry about setting up foundation in the morning or late at night. 

Alternatively, if your eye is lighter in skin tone, you can use a primer or concealer that’s lighter than your skin color to build the color.

A foundation with a lighter color can give you a slightly cooler, more natural-looking eye.

The best way to build it up is with a blush.

Blushes are made of a mixture of natural and artificial pigments. 

Blush formulas tend to be darker than the color they’re based on, and this is especially true of the blush shades.

Another way to add color to your eye would be to apply a natural eye primer, or conceal.

Natural eye primer can help make your eyes look and feel a little more natural. 

You can also use a concealer to make your eye look a little brighter. 

To add a bit more color to an already-natural eye, try a powder or powder eyeshadow.

If a powder eyeshirt is your thing, it can be a great addition to your eyeshadows. 

For more eye makeup tips, check out our complete collection of makeup.

blue toner og two tone skin tone palette

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