“A Tale of Two Worlds” (Audio) – Audio Commentary by Nick Bilton & Nick Biltmore interview


I was watching the new episode of “The Bachelor” where the contestants had to pick their favorite guy to marry.

I was thinking of the first few seasons of “Bachelor in Paradise,” when the women had to choose between two very different types of men: the nice guys who are all-about-me, and the nasty guys who take everything from the girl and then they make her feel better.

In a show like “Bachelorette,” that’s a very different kind of challenge, and it’s interesting to see how they have to balance their personalities.

You see, these guys are different.

The cool guys are very good looking.

They can charm the heck out of you.

The nasty guys can do anything.

And it’s all based on who you want to marry, right?

That’s what the guys are trying to do here.

The guys are a little different from the other guys.

They’re not looking to win the game.

They want to just be good at the game and not get in any trouble.

And that’s the whole thing, right there.

What is it like when you have a contestant who wants to be the guy who wins?

And the other guy has to be able to compete against him?

You’re not going to win, you’re not really in control of your fate.

It’s all about the person.

And I think that’s what it comes down to.

This show is about what the contestants want.

They are choosing the person that they think will get them to where they want to go.

The guy who they think is the most confident, who’s got the most energy, who has the most drive and who can make the most of the situation.

And the one who’s not so confident, the one that can’t get into the mindset that you’re the center of attention, is just not a good person to marry because he doesn’t know how to play the game, or he doesn�t get into it the right way.

But they are all looking for someone that will do what they want.

And when you’re that person, you know it’s a winner.

I don’t think that people who are so confident can actually make a person into a winner, because the people who aren’t so confident are also not going the right direction.

And then, in that same vein, you’ve got the guys who aren�t as confident, and you’ve seen that, too.

They just want to be a good guy, right, and they don�t want to make people feel good, right.

That�s what they�re trying to avoid.

That’s why they want these guys to be very, very good at their game, and that�s why they�ve got to be really good at that.

And what is it about that kind of mentality that makes these guys feel so comfortable, right now?

It�s not because they want them to be good people, it�s just because they think that they�ll be able do it.

They think that what they are is going to get them into that place that they want, and I think it�ll just be a matter of getting into that mindset that they are going to be successful.

So that�ve been my take on the guys.

Now, if I had to bet, I would say that the one guy that we haven�t seen, maybe the one most of all the contestants, is this guy.

That guy has a very, um, good eye for talent.

He�s got the best facial expressions.

He can make people laugh, but he can also do that in a way that makes you want him to do the right thing.

But I think the other two guys, I think, will be the ones who are going, �Oh my god, we have to take the risk, we are going out there to make that person really happy,� because that guy is going in the right place.

I think they are looking at him like, �This guy is the perfect guy for me.

He will make me feel great about myself, and he�ll make me have fun.’ So, that�re the one I think is going through the toughest part right now.

The one that is the one person who is trying to be in control, because they don’t want to do something that they would regret.

And he is trying.

So I think he�s going to end up being the one.

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