Skin toner is ‘not the answer’


Skin toning is not a cure for ageing, but its effectiveness could be worth a try, according to a leading skin care brand.

Key points:A research team at Imperial College London found that people who have a lighter skin tone had a higher rate of skin cancer than those with a darker skin toneA skin toner that uses an ingredient from the skin tree is more effective than regular skin careA new study has found that using a toner containing collagen, which has anti-inflammatory properties, may be beneficial for people with skin cancerThe University of Exeter study found that those who had a lighter-than-average skin tone were two to three times more likely to develop skin cancer compared to those with darker skin tones.

Key findings:A study of 6,000 people found that lighter-skinned people were 2.5 to 3.3 times more than those who were darker-skinned to develop cancer.

They were also at risk of skin cancers like melanoma, rosacea and other types of skin diseaseThe researchers analysed data from the NHS’s National Skin Survey, which was conducted between 1992 and 2007.

The survey asked people whether they had ever used a tonic containing collagen and what type of skin care they had used.

They found that the darker-than average skin tones had a greater likelihood of having had collagen-rich products used in their care, as well as more skin cancer.

“People who were dark skin tones were more likely than their lighter skin tones to have had a toning containing collagen,” Professor Stephen Gillis, lead author of the study, said.

“So, if you’re dark skin tone and have a tonion containing collagen you’re more likely of developing a skin cancer, and the amount of collagen in your skin can be very relevant for that.”

It’s important that you’re using a moisturiser or cream containing collagen to prevent this problem.

“Skin cancer occurs when the skin cells are damaged by UV rays.

The results also showed that those with more melanoma and rosary-like skin were more at risk.”

There’s no clear-cut way to tell which skin cancers are related to collagen, so we don’t really know what role skin-care products have in preventing these diseases,” Professor Gillis said.

He said that it would be beneficial to use a skin-based toner in the future to avoid these problems.”

Skin-care companies should also be mindful that if they’re using collagen-based products in the form of products like toners or face creams, it’s important to remember that the skin is also at higher risk of developing these diseases, and that these products need to be taken as part of a healthy skin care routine,” he said.

The study was published in the journal Skin Cancer.

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