I bought tons of toner for my skincare routine but it’s so expensive I’m trying to get rid of it


I bought a toner container that was about $20 and used it in all my skin care routine.

But I don’t have the cash to buy more.

I was tempted to throw it away, but I thought I’d check out my old skincARE routine and see how it works. 

I didn’t think it would work, though.

I’m a skincaren user and I was pretty surprised by how well it worked.

The product is so light, and it has such a pleasant scent.

I also got a couple of other things from the skincares I purchased, and I didn’t mind the cost. 

The product is really good and it’s worth it for my skin, my skin’s texture, and my skin tone.

I’ve been using toner in skincand for a long time, and this is one of the better options out there.

The formula is super light and absorbs easily, and there are no scent triggers.

I love the fact that it doesn’t clog my pores. 

After using the toner a couple times a day, my pores were visibly shrinking, and the texture was soft and smooth.

It didn’t feel oily or sticky, and was incredibly comfortable.

I could easily wear it over makeup or for days on end, which is awesome. 

When I bought the product, I was skeptical because I didn: •Have an oily skin tone I didn”t want to spend the extra money for a better-performing product.•Need a lot of coverage. 

My skin is oily and dry and I”m not really used to buying skincolor or toner that have a heavy scent.

So I didn.”t have a good experience with the toners, but it wasn’t too bad for me.

I really appreciate the quality of the product. 

It’s $10 for two bottles, which was more than I could afford.

I don”t think I would buy it again, and when I do, I will probably buy it over a brand new product from a higher-end skincor store.

I have no regrets buying it. 

For those who have skin like mine, toner can be a huge investment.

But if you”re going to spend money on skincOR, this is definitely worth it.

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