How to fix a Washington press corps that’s just a little too sensitive

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It was the morning after the Senate passed the American Health Care Act, and Trump had just returned from a rally in Alabama.

He’d spent the night at the Mar-a-Lago Club, a club that has become a kind of Trump-branded private club for the president.

When he got back to the White House, Trump was greeted by Vice President Mike Pence, who’d flown in from Florida.

The pair then went to a reception, where the president and Pence spoke with reporters and reporters attended the speech.

The press corps was on their feet, ready to go.

It was as if Trump was talking to a crowd.

He’s the president of the United States.

He wants the press to be happy, and he wants the media to be respectful.

The president and the vice president have come to know the press as an enemy.

Trump has a history of dismissing and even attacking journalists.

At one point, he tweeted, “Why are the Fake News trying to destroy the President of the USA?

He has a huge base!”

And he tweeted that he would “be the greatest jobs creator the world has ever seen.”

It was a tweet that’s become the standard for his approach to the press.

He has the biggest audience in the world and has the most loyal and devoted followers on the planet.

He sees them as enemies.

He believes the media will attack him, but they’ll attack him for the right reasons.

“I want them to be nice to me,” Trump told reporters at a White House news conference the next day.

“And I want them not to be so nasty.

And I want to tell them I love them.”

The president was right.

The media did attack Trump for his response to the deadly white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Aug. 12, when a group of white nationalists marched in protest of the removal of a Confederate statue from the city.

The White House initially denied that Trump had said anything to incite violence, but the president later said he had.

A video of the exchange appeared on social media, prompting Trump to accuse the press of trying to “put me in jail.”

Trump’s attacks on the media were nothing new.

In his first weeks in office, he routinely criticized the press, calling them “the enemy of the American People.”

In early January, he told reporters, “The media, the dishonest media, they are the enemy of our country.

The dishonest media is the enemy.”

He added, “They lie.”

In response to that tweet, he wrote on Twitter, “Just as the dishonest @nytimes and @washingtonpost tried to put me in prison.

They will be dealt with in Justice!”

The White.

House has defended Trump’s use of Twitter as a way to keep tabs on his enemies, saying he uses the platform to reach out to his base of supporters.

The administration argues that its press coverage is independent of the president, and that it’s not an “attack dog” that wants to discredit the president’s critics.

But the president has taken a particular dislike to the media’s portrayal of him, a tendency that some in the press corps have been willing to admit.

During the presidential campaign, Trump frequently referred to the news media as “the opposition party.”

But he also said, “You’re the opposition party, the fake news, the enemy, the enemies, the leakers.”

And during his inaugural address, Trump used the phrase “fake news.”

On Tuesday, Trump’s team released a list of news organizations he was particularly upset with: The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, NBC News, Politico, Politico Pro, CNN International, CNNMoney, CNN Tech, BuzzFeed, Buzzfeed, New York Daily News, CNN Opinion, CNN Health, ABC News, Reuters, CNN Technology, CNN Money, CNBC, CNBC Now, CNBC World, CNBC Today, Bloomberg News, Bloomberg Politics, Bloomberg Business, CNBC Entertainment, CNBC Sports, CNN Home, CNN Sports, Fox Business, Fox News, Fox Trade, Fox Sports Online,, CNNTech, and Fox News Now.

Trump’s list also included The Associated Press, The Huffington Post, USA Today, Business Insider, The Daily Beast, Slate, Politico and National Review.

“The president is a true friend of the press,” Trump said on Tuesday, “and I will always be grateful for their support.”

Trump has also tweeted that they’re “fake” and that he doesn’t think they “report the truth.”

But even in his criticism of the media, Trump has taken pains to maintain that the press has his back.

During his inaugural speech, Trump called the press “the most dishonest, crooked, illegal, and destructive group of people that have ever walked this earth.”

When he’s on the campaign trail, Trump is often asked if he has the same view of the news.

“You know, we’re not going to change the way the press is doing their jobs

types of tone

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