Four women’s teams set to compete in next year’s Stylosport event

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Sixteen tons of new StyloSoft products have been released for women’s competition, and the new collection features a range of high-end makeup for every skintone.

Stylo Soft has already announced its next collection, and now it has revealed which products are coming to women’s skintones in 2018.

The first wave of new products includes three shades of lipstick, a gloss, a blush and a bronzer. 

The lipsticks are all made with a high-gloss formula, and they are the first Stylolabs to be made with three shades – blue, red and pink – instead of two shades. 

Stylolab is also taking on the challenge of creating the most sophisticated lipsticks in the industry. 

There are five lipsticks with varying finishes, ranging from matte to shimmery, all with a range from a soft, metallic finish to a glossy finish. 

For the new shade, the company is using a high gloss formula with a blend of pigments and pigments from two different types of pigmented ingredients – aloe vera gel and glycerin. 

These products are designed to be more subtle than their predecessors, and have been designed with the skintoning in mind. 

Each shade also features a lip brush for a smooth, lightweight finish and a lip tint to create a deep, subtle look. 

“For women who like to create an elegant, sophisticated look, we’ve made a range that is both sophisticated and comfortable, with an emphasis on the skincare experience,” says Brand Manager Krista Waddell.

“Stylosoft products will be available in shades that are more subtle and elegant.

The shades range is also meant to appeal to those who prefer to wear lipstick but don’t want to risk being too overt with the look.” 

All of the lipsticks feature the Stylolskin technology, which uses high-quality, high-performance pigments to create the perfect lip. 

According to the company, it is “perfect for everyday beauty, with its unique texture and the ease and ease of application that it brings”. 

Style’s next collection will launch at Styloesport on January 6 and will include all the products, including the new lipsticks, in two separate online and in-store events. 

If you want to get your hands on a sample of the new shades, you can order the new range online, at stores like Boots and Ulta, or via the brand’s online store. 

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