Why I’m a fan of @sarath_ton’s blog


Sarath Ton’s Blog has been a staple of my blogging routine for the last two years.

When I joined, I had no idea that it would be a major force in my life, but since then, I have discovered so many things about my body and my body-building journey that have been very rewarding.

Sarath’s blog is very simple to understand, and it’s easy to get caught up in the details, which I’ve found both informative and informative in their own right.

If you want to learn more about Sarath and his training, I recommend you check out his blog and follow his videos on YouTube.

But if you’re looking for a great, free resource for building muscle, Sarath is definitely a guy you should know.

You can subscribe to Sarath ton’s blog here, and if you want even more great body-builder advice, check out Sarath on YouTube where he shares his best advice and videos.

Saratas best tip for building more muscle, but also his most important one: Follow your gut!

Sarath also has an extensive video series, “The Power of the Gut,” that covers a lot of the same topics as Sarath.

If he has a question, you can always ask him on Twitter @saronton.

Follow Sarath here: @sarthton Follow Saratath on Instagram: sarthtonbritain Sarathton’s Bodybuilding and Gymnastics blog has been featured in the following publications: Runner’s World, The Muscle & Fitness Journal, Runner’s Daily, Muscle & Strength, MuscleMania.com, Daily Mail, The Huffington Post, BodyBuildingDaily.com and The Daily Beast.

Follow him on Instagram here: sarathtonbri Sarathtons bodybuilding advice has also been featured on the following fitness magazines: The Muscle and Fitness Journal: “What to Eat and what to Avoid” “My 5 Favorite Foods for Building Muscle” “What’s The Best Diet for Building Massive Muscle” The Muscle Mania: “The 5 Best Bodybuilding Diet Recipes” “The 10 Best Protein Sources” “How To Build Your Body’s Largest Muscle” And more…

You can also subscribe to the SarathTons bodybuilder and gym-building show on YouTube, where he offers an exclusive show on the topic of building big muscles.

Follow the show on Youtube here: SarathTTTTTTT Sarath TTTTT ttTTTTT, the Saratastons best-selling bodybuilding book, is now available on Amazon.com.

This book is a great introduction to building muscle from a solid foundation of basic training and proper nutrition, with the help of Sarath himself.

If this is the first book you read about building big muscle, I highly recommend getting this book, because it will teach you the fundamentals that you need to know in order to get the best out of your body.

Sarathe’s video series on YouTube has been viewed more than 2 million times and the SaratheTons show on youtube has been watched over 17 million times.

You might also be interested in: Saratans best-seller, The Power of The Gut, which talks about building muscle in the most natural way possible.

The Power Of The Gut is also the perfect resource for the beginner to learn how to build muscle without any unnecessary work or complicated equipment. 

Subscribe to Saratatastones show on Amazon and get a free 20-day trial of his bodybuilding podcast The Saratoston Training Show, which is the only podcast on earth that will train you to build big muscle in a controlled, effective way.

sarath ton

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