Why I wear the new ‘tan’ skin tone in my selfies


When I first saw a photo of me wearing the new “tan” skin tone for the first time, I felt like a fool.

But I soon realized that this tone is not only comfortable, but can actually help me look younger.

It was during the summer when I first wore it that I first noticed that the photos I had taken of myself with the tone were getting a little weird.

In fact, they were turning into something much darker and less appealing than what I usually am when I’m wearing a “normal” skin color.

I felt uncomfortable when I looked in the mirror.

I thought that it was an odd look for me.

However, I didn’t have a lot of time to stop thinking about the color.

The sun was getting hotter and my skin was starting to get more brownish.

My friend and I had been getting a lot more sun exposure lately and I was starting wear makeup to try to hide it.

My friend, however, had noticed something even more alarming: her skin was turning redder and darker.

She began to wear makeup that would turn her skin a dark shade of red.

The idea of having a color that looks different depending on your skin tone scared me.

I was not sure if it was a bad thing or if it would help me, but I started researching to find out more.

Luckily, I stumbled upon a website called  thecolors and I quickly found a company called  Tan Eyes that specializes in making “tan skin tones” for women.

I was skeptical at first, but after some research, I decided that the company was worth it.

After all, it would have helped me if I could get the color right on my skin. 

I purchased three different shades of “tan-colored” makeup at one of their stores.

The colors that I received were not exactly what I was expecting from a “tan.” 

The company  Tan-Eye Color has a website that lets you choose the “color” you want.

I chose a shade of “dark red” because it was the darkest shade of a dark brown and was the shade that I felt would be the most flattering on me.

When I started wearing the shades, I noticed that they didn’t blend with each other at all.

The formula was not thick enough to blend the color together and there were some slight bumps in the corners of the eyes, which were a little uncomfortable to wear.

I would say that they’re very comfortable, and definitely a good product to try.

Theres also a lot to like about the products.

The shade of brown that I purchased did not cause my skin to turn reddish.

However, my friend’s skin turned to a dark red, and the texture on her face did not feel oily at all or even overly greasy. 

Tan Eye Color has an amazing  website that also allows you to order your own shades of makeup. 

 This company also has a  website where you can choose the shade of makeup that you want, and I opted for the tan color because I thought it would make my skin look a little younger.

I also got a small set of  shades that I was going to wear with a few other products, so it would be nice to have a selection of different shades that I could use as a base.

This product is actually a lot lighter than I thought.

I actually wear the darker shade of the product a lot when I am in the shade I want to wear, but when I wear it with other products I can wear the lighter shade. 

I have worn the shades for two weeks now, and have yet to notice any issues. 

It does seem that the shades are a little less expensive than the ones that I usually use, but it will be worth the price in the long run. 

While I think that this “tan color” is very flattering, I did find that it did not blend well with other makeup.

I will admit that I did wear the dark shades more often than I normally do and noticed that it would blend more easily with other types of makeup than the lighter shades that Tan Eyes sells.

It’s definitely something to keep in mind. 

If you are interested in purchasing a “Tan Eyes” product, you can find them on their website at  Tan Eyes Color and  Tan Ears Color. 

Have you ever been wearing makeup with a “dark tan” shade?

Have you tried any of the “tan colors” you tried?

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