Boss Tone Studios introduces new tinted toner for its products


AUSTIN, Texas — Boss Tone Studios Inc. has a new tintable toner.

The brand’s tinted and translucent tinted oil is coming to the popular gel-based toner it uses in the company’s line of gel and liquid formulas.

The company says it will debut its new toner in its products sometime this month.

The new tint will be available for purchase starting June 3.

“We are thrilled to announce that Boss Tone has launched the tinted, transparent tinted product that is the perfect complement to the glosses that we use in the Beauty Bar line,” said Boss Tone CEO and co-founder Steve Koester.

“The tint is designed to be transparent to give your skin a smooth, matte finish.

Our customers love it.

Boss Tone is owned by a number of cosmetics and personal care companies including MAC Cosmetics, Urban Decay, Urban Outfitters, NARS, and Sephora. “

Our team at Boss Tone really put the time and effort into making the tint transparent to offer our customers the best tint possible.”

Boss Tone is owned by a number of cosmetics and personal care companies including MAC Cosmetics, Urban Decay, Urban Outfitters, NARS, and Sephora.

The product is available in five shades: Medium, Light, Light-medium, Medium-light, and Medium-heavy.

The tint can be used alone, mixed with a gloss, or mixed with oil for an overall tinted effect. 

“Our customers love Boss Tone’s new tint, and they are using it on their faces and bodies in all of their cosmetics,” KoesTER said.

“It’s a beautiful, wearable product that makes applying the tint easy and comfortable.” 

The company is now offering the tint to more than 40,000 Beauty Bar customers and is planning to launch the tint in the United States in the coming weeks.

The color is a unique combination of six pigments.

It is tinted to give skin a soft, smooth finish and blend in with makeup. 

Tone’s brand has been on a tear since it launched its gel-like gel formula for the first time in 2013.

In April, the company announced its $12.99 gel toner would be the first new tonic on its line of products to be tinted. 

The new tint comes as the brand has struggled to gain traction in the cosmetics market.

In February, it announced its first two products would be discontinued and it had to scale back its marketing strategy.

The first was its popular gel toners, which are now discontinued. 

In June, Boss Tone announced it had sold less than $1 million in its Gel Products and Beauty Bar business.

In the year ended December 31, the brand had just $10 million in revenue. 

This summer, Boss Tones said it had been forced to shut down its cosmetics business after its second-quarter financial results showed a disappointing drop in revenue from its Gel products. 

While Boss Tone did not have a good showing at this year’s IFA trade show in Berlin, its brand has continued to build momentum. 

Boss Tones cosmetics is one of the largest makeup brands in the world.

The brands sales grew by 20% in the third quarter of 2018, said Koesters CEO. 

It is currently available in four colors, including the darker medium light, medium light-medium and medium-heavy tones. 

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