“I’m the only girl who can beat Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party”

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I am the only one who can get the Congress to quit its suicidal, anti-India politics.

No one else can, because there are only two choices: either vote for Narendra Modi or be a part of his party.

There is no other option.

It is all very well to have been a part a government which supported the Indian Express and then voted against the bill to create a new national ID card.

But then how do you explain a party which had so many voters who voted for the bill and then supported the Congress in the 2014 general elections, who then opposed it in the last Parliament?

Even if you are an admirer of Narendra Modi, there is no escaping his brand of anti-Indian politics.

It will not help his cause if there are no more elections.

The Congress can’t continue with its toxic brand of politics.

The other option is to remain neutral.

But if the Congress is the only party which can beat Modi, why should I vote for it?

This election is too important to be tainted by this kind of politics and Modi has the potential to do far more damage to the country than Congress.

I am not sure that there are enough votes for the Congress but I hope that the other two major parties will unite to form a coalition that will be able to defeat Modi in 2019.

A coalition that can be formed should be able and willing to do the right thing on the issues that matter to the Indian people.

I will be voting for the next Congress government.

In case you are wondering, it is not just the Congress that can form a government.

The BSP and the BJD have also announced that they will join the government.

As the Congress’s support for Modi has dwindled, the BJP has gained the upper hand in the race to form the government and has gained more seats.

There are a lot of reasons for this.

One is the fact that both the Congress and the BJP are in the minority.

If Modi is elected, he will be the first Indian prime minister to be from the minority party in the post-Independence era.

The BJP also enjoys an electoral advantage because it has more seats in the Lok Sabha than the Congress, which has two seats.

The number of seats in Lok Sabha has declined in recent elections as a result of the BSP’s dominance and because the BJP is in the lead in the state elections.

But the number of votes is increasing, and the parties are both trying to woo the people.

The party that does not win any seats in 2019 is the Congress.

If the Congress doesn’t win any of the 338 seats, it would be the biggest loss in India’s history.

So the party which has lost more seats than any other party in elections since Independence has to win a large majority to form an absolute majority.

In 2019, the Congress would need to form some coalition with the BJP and with the Left.

That would mean a coalition with either the Bajrang Dal or the DMK.

The question is how far the Congress will go in the coalition negotiations.

If it decides to make a coalition, the first question will be whether the alliance will be for good or for bad.

It seems that the alliance with the BDP would be a good idea, but it will also be a difficult one.

The two parties have a long history of working together.

In the 1990s, the two parties formed an alliance to form one of the largest opposition parties in Parliament.

The parties are close allies and have been allies in several other political and business circles.

It was only when the alliance fell apart that it was the Congress which took the lead.

But now the Congress has lost its alliance with both the Biju Janata Dal and the DMKS, which have the support of a substantial chunk of its voters.

So if the alliance fails, the coalition will have to work with the Congress if the two opposition parties are to form another alliance.

And then there is the problem of the BJP.

The three-party alliance is the best way to form government.

But since the BJP does not have any coalition partners, it will have a difficult time in forming government.

This is because the party has not formed a coalition yet.

The reason for this is the lack of a consensus among its voters, who have been divided for years over issues like the budget.

In order to get the votes of its supporters, the party will have no choice but to use its own tactics to win them over.

There have been attempts by the Congress-led coalition to create such a coalition but it has failed.

The alliance between the Congress party and the Left has failed because it cannot win votes from its own voters and it has not created a consensus.

A consensus would have to be created between the two main opposition parties and then formed by the BJP, the second largest party.

It has to be based on issues such as a clean-up of the National Capital Region (NCR), economic growth, development, climate change,

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