When Fox News says it’s OK to laugh at Trump, it’s not okay to laugh about Fox News

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Fox News is back in the news for another reason: it wants you to laugh.

On Thursday, the network, which has been criticized for its lack of diversity, started a new series called Fox News: the White House Correspondents Dinner.

“You can see why it was a bit controversial,” the network’s executive producer David Muir told Business Insider.

“But I think that Fox is going to continue to do that.”

The new series is set to air in February.

It follows the Trump administration’s plans to move away from traditional media, and has been hailed as a sign of progress.

The series, which will focus on women in the White Street Room, is slated to air on Fox News’ primetime schedule beginning on Feb. 9.

Muir says the network will be able to capitalize on the president’s success by bringing new viewers to the network.

“It’s not a great story,” Muir said of Fox’s “White House Correspondent’s Dinner” line of thought.

“It’s a really boring, repetitive story.

We’ll just do the next story, and then the next.

It’s not exciting.”

Muir said the network was also inspired by a new book by the late New Yorker reporter Margaret Atwood, “Citizen Kane.”

“It’s really an allegory about how the press, especially in America, operates,” Muinir said.

“So it’s a kind of political satire.”

Fox News also recently started hosting a special segment that will feature some of the hosts’ favorite moments of the year, and Muir is optimistic about the show’s future.

“I think the president is in a very good place with this,” Muire said.

Muire said the show will be similar to the format Fox News used to honor former president Barack Obama.

The program is scheduled to air sometime this fall, and will be followed by the annual White House correspondents dinner on Feb 18.

The White House’s new host, Bret Baier, is currently the network the president has often called out on his Twitter account for his perceived bias against women.

Baier recently made headlines when he tweeted that he would not vote for Trump because of his controversial views.

“We need to stop pretending that he’s some kind of monster or that his opinions aren’t held by millions of people,” Mui said.

But for the first time, the White, and not the Black, is the White.

Muinir also said that while Fox News may not be known for being inclusive, the news outlet’s coverage is often progressive and that Muir was looking forward to working with Baier.

“The way that he talks to the camera is a real gift to us,” Muirls said.

“He’s a very different kind of news producer than other newsrooms.”

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