How the GOP’s ‘no-excuses’ for the Affordable Care Act got so bad

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Washington — A growing number of Americans have begun to question the effectiveness of the Affordable Health Care Act, with an increasing number of people expressing skepticism about the law’s viability.

As many as 1 in 5 Americans are not aware that the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) exists and that they can sign up for coverage on their state health insurance exchanges, according to a new Gallup poll.

The poll also found that about 7 in 10 Americans are unaware of the law.

In the latest poll, taken this week, 38 percent of respondents said they were not familiar with the Affordable, and 42 percent were not aware of the coverage available.

In addition, 34 percent of Americans surveyed said they had received information from someone who had been denied coverage due to the ACA’s “no-exceptions” policy, which requires insurers to cover people with pre-existing conditions, even if they are sick or injured.

Those numbers, coupled with a large majority of Americans not being aware of their coverage options and the ACA being in place longer than expected, could have a big impact on whether the law is able to work.

“There is a growing awareness among Americans that this is not a viable health care system,” said Dr. David Cutler, chief executive officer of the non-partisan Kaiser Family Foundation.

A growing number Americans also have questioned whether the ACA is actually working to make the health care law’s promise of universal coverage work. “

This is a political, not a health care, issue.”

A growing number Americans also have questioned whether the ACA is actually working to make the health care law’s promise of universal coverage work.

In fact, more Americans than ever are saying the law has not been effective at making coverage affordable.

The Affordable Care Acts promise to bring affordable health care to Americans has been touted as the best of its kind in modern history, but the law remains unpopular with many Americans.

A recent Kaiser Family Institute poll found that 49 percent of those surveyed said the law was either either not or had not been an effective way to provide health care.

While some people may see this as a major problem, it is not as simple as people believe.

In addition to the problems with the law itself, the survey found that most Americans also expressed dissatisfaction with the ACA.

The majority of people polled, for example, believe the law does not do enough to lower the costs of insurance and do not help consumers purchase coverage.

About half of respondents believe that premiums should not rise if they increase because of the ACA, and another 26 percent believe they should.

And a third of people say they think the ACA should be repealed and replaced with a system that does not provide health insurance coverage.

As more Americans learn about the ACA and its benefits, they may begin to reconsider the law or at least change their minds about it.

“It is the beginning of the end for the ACA,” said Steven Latham, a health policy analyst at the American Action Forum, a conservative advocacy group that has been critical of the health law.

“If the ACA works and people are having more health insurance, it’s a success.

If it doesn’t work, then there is a real possibility that this will be a failure.””

The ACA is working.

But the question is what’s going to happen to the rest of us?” said Cutler.

“I think the next five years will be critical in determining whether the Affordable Act is a success or not.”

In fact, as Americans become more aware of what the law offers, the political pressure for the president to enact a replacement will increase.

The new poll finds that 46 percent of people believe the ACA needs to be repealed to give people more choice, while 43 percent say it needs to remain in place and another 29 percent say a system should be established to replace the ACA with something better.

The political battle over the health reform law’s future is already taking place.

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives voted to repeal the ACA for good.

Republicans plan to hold a conference vote on repealing the ACA on Thursday.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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